Spread Some


  • Title: Spread Some
  • Theme: Wordplay
  • Technique: Screen Print
  • Material: Carton
  • Size: 30×40 cm
  • Date: December 2019

Puns and other matters of interpretation

We encounter ambiguity several times a day through the use of words, which can only be resolved by processing other factors such as gestures, facial expressions, context etc.. On the one hand, this represents a gap in communication, which must be filled in order to avoid mistakes. On the other hand this can also be a rhetorical stylistic device like a polysemy, where a word or sentence is used because of its potential to make the context ambiguous.

Spread Some – Imagination

What we perceive with our eyes is mostly incomplete and our brain fills the gaps and creates a coherent picture depending on our expectations. What did your brain use to close the gap?

Spread Some – Psychechedelics

Phenylethylamine is a love drug produced by one’s own body, which is released during feelings of lust and love. It is said to be related to hallucinogenic psychedelics. So a love intoxication can turn into a trip where you lose yourself in the beauty of your girlfriend.

Spread Some – Unknown P.

Like the radiation of a pulsar or the sounds of a music group, what is impossible for us to see can be represented in waves and vibrations and lead to an unexpected enjoyment.


Screen printing is a traditional technique where mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate. A squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the mesh with ink and with a reverse stroke to touch the substrate and causes the ink to wet the substrate and be pulled out of the mesh. One color is printed at a time, so several screens were used to produce this multicoloured image.


Every piece of art is authentic and handcrafted, hand-signed, dated and numbered by the artist. Quality materials are used to assure longevity and causing less impact on the environment to preserve the earth’s resources.

 1st Edition

This edition contains a ‚Pink Series‘ wich is diversified in 2 pcs ‚Imagination‘, 3 pcs ‚Psychedelics‘, 4 pcs ‚Unknown Pleasures‘ of the ‚Spread Some‘ motif.


Black White ‚Unknown Pleasures‘ – 9 pcs.
A special ‚Orange Series‘ with a unique print of each motif.