Nice Waste


  • Title: Nice Waste
  • Theme: Upcycling
  • Technique: Print Collage
  • Material: Maculature
  • Size: Individual
  • Date: Unknown

Upcycling is the future

Garbage for some, aesthetics for others. In contemporary art we find garbage artworks ranging from arranged garbage to painted scrap cubes from used cars. The idea of transforming rubbish into art or using waste as a medium for a message is more important than ever, especially in the age of plastic and disposable products. The beauty of these works, however, lies not in the visual impressions, but in the possible motivation for the viewer to save a thing in his daily life from the environmentally harmful waste incineration and try to rework it creatively. In the worst case you have a funny story to tell.


Mixed techniques are the application of several methods in a creative activity. These can be traditional techniques such as acrylic painting, linoleum printing and pottery, but also modern techniques such as light installations and 3D printing, which combines an infinite variety and completely new possibilities to bring a creative idea to light.


Every piece of art is authentic and handcrafted, hand-signed, dated and numbered by the artist. Quality materials are used to assure longevity and causing less impact on the environment to preserve the earth’s resources.